Services & Benefits

We repair and maintain everything for your vehicle, specializing in  electrical and engine diagnostics including vehicle check engine lights.  Prime 1 Car Care is an accredited state inspection station and can repair any  concern should your vehicle not pass state safety or emissions  standards.

A sampling of some of our most active services:    


  • Alternators, batteries, and starters 
  • Coolant and transmission flushes 
  • CV axles, struts and shocks 
  • Tires , rotations , and balances 
  • Check engine light diagnostics and reparis 
  • Brakes, rotors, drums, and calipers 
  • AC checks and all parts replacements 
  • Oil and transmissions fluid leaks 
  • Radiators, water pumps, and hoses 
  • Drive belts 
  • Timing belts, seals, and pulleys 
  • Coolant leaks and pressed testing 
  • Extended life oil changes 
  • State inspections 
  • Power steering hoses and pumps 

In addition, Prime 1 Car Care accepts all extended  warranties from the original manufacturer and all independent  aftermarket warranty companies.

We perform all 20, 30, 60, 90, and 120 thousand mile factory  maintenance inspections. This is your dealership alternative at more  convenient and faster service, better pricing, and twice the warranty.

Our Warranty

We support all of our workmanship with the industry  best in class warranty... One full year or 12,000 mileage.

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